OHAMBO trip planner

OHAMBO is een mobiele app en webapplicatie die we ontwikkelen in eigen beheer.

De app laat het toe reizen te plannen en alle gerelateerde informatie op 1 plaats te bewaren. Tijdens de voorbereiding van je reis kan je gebruik maken van de webapplicatie die via je browser beschikbaar is op je PC of laptop. Op reis heb je dan eenvoudig toegang tot al die informatie en documenten via de mobiele app op je smartphone of tablet.

Er wordt nog volop verder ontwikkeld aan OHAMBO, maar ondertussen maken al duizenden reizigers handig gebruik van de app.


While planning our trips, we were always confronted with the following two problems:

  • Where and how to store all the information we collected during our trip planning. The most efficient way we could think of was a combination of an Excel sheet to take valuable notes (e.g. what to visit, where to eat, how to get there, …) for each day of the trip and a Dropbox folder that is accessible everywhere to store all our important documents (e.g. flight tickets, hotel vouchers, copies of passports and insurances, …).
  • Where to find a quick overview on how to travel between two cities: should we take a bus or a train or maybe rent a taxi…

It would be nice if there was an app that could do all of that. We searched the app stores and found some viable candidates. But after testing, we noticed that it always took a huge amount of time to enter a single trip plan into the app. Too many options and features make things very complicated.

That’s why we created our OHAMBO trip planner app and web tool. To give users an easy way to organize the information that really matters about their trip plan.